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inventate una historia

Mayito Reivera & The Sons of Cuba “Inventate una Historia”

Invéntate una historia: this is the title of this most recent recording project of mine. It means “make up a story”. It’s also the name of one of the songs included on the CD. It expresses a very clear message. All of our work was done with the greatest possible creative latitude while taking advantage of the opportunity that the German publisher Termidor Musik gave me. They placed their full confidence in me.
When listening to this CD, the important thing to keep in mind is that you’re hearing music based on a very personal concept and vision. I decided to take full responsibility for this production, in other words for the lyrics, music, and arrangements. I naturally did everything with great humility and infinite respect for Cuba’s many great musicians and arrangers, and above all with the respect that you, as the listener, deserve. This music is directed at you. It’s a fact that this music comes from our hearts, and we put a great deal of work into creating it.
Here it is, and the title says everything in the clearest, most direct way possible: make up a story! Because I’m convinced that it’s time. We’re living in new times, times of change. These are times for taking the initiative. For showing how valuable you can be. Don’t forget that the Earth is larger than you are, and that when you walk on it there are no longer any limits. So anyone who has more to give and other things to say should go ahead and do it. As the saying goes, make up a story! This is the ideal CD for helping you to understand this. It is based on my own experience singing with Los Van Van for 20 years. It was there that I learned, singing my heart out while always trying to be creative and support my own artistic evolution. And thus also contributing to the success of the whole band. That’s what it’s all about: everything depends on you. Today the most important word I know is “trust”. Trust in your life, in your thoughts, and in your ideas. And in your inspiration, your song, and your words. If you’re without fear, you can achieve whatever you want and be happy, because fortunately we still have plenty of time ahead of us.
So do everything you have to do. Make up a story, compose music, write down your ideas, invent phrases. Dance, paint, draw, build. And do it without embarrassment or fear, trusting that everything that comes from within you will be good. Because it arrives protected and blessed, straight from the nobility of your soul.
After time has passed and you look back, you’ll see the work you’ve done. At least you’ll have made your mark and contributed something. The humble work you do today flows into the universal patrimony of humanity, and there is no greater pleasure for an artist in this life. You’ll leave your light shining brightly for all eternity. And you’ll set an example and serve as a guide for those who still doubt.
There are many who live from art. But very few who are true artists. Without wanting to criticize anyone, my goal is to transcend.
This new production of mine attempts, with great humility, to send a message of trust and love and reaffirm that anything is possible.
Make up a story, and never stop trying.

Mayito Rivera